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About Me

Dr. Lewis has been in practice as an osteopathic physician since 1986. She graduated from Reed College in 1965 with a background in physics and chemistry and went into research in the medical field. After years of vigorous competitive athletic activities, she began to struggle with constant headaches and muscular and back pain. Within several years this condition developed into fatigue as well. She explored many avenues to help herself, each helpful, but none that made a substantial change. She recognized that there had been a break-down in her system from the various injuries - one that had resulted in a deterioration of her vitality. Therefore, after years of research in biochemistry involving asking questions about the role of a specific hormone or protein in cellular function, she began to be more and more interested in the answers to questions about the breakdown of the complex system – the breakdown of health.

So when she was in her late thirties, she chose to attend osteopathic medical school to change work to one that would find answers about health and well-being of the whole person.  The osteopathic physician is advised that - “anyone can find disease; the role of the osteopathic physician is to find health“. Once in medical school, as she began reading about the basis of osteopathic medicine she found a science that involved a tremendous amount of information about this health and well-being of the whole person. Homeostasis is defined as the internal mechanism of an organism to regulate and maintain its internal conditions to stabilize health and functioning. The study of homeostasis is the study of the body’s inherent healing mechanism. The osteopathic profession’s dedication to the pursuit of health and understanding the body’s homeostatic mechanism has continued to this date.

Because she has gone through many of the struggles that you have faced and also has the benefit of years of education and experience, she can help you understand your problem in a way that teaches you how to regain a youthful muscle function. She can help you understand why you feel your areas of pain or weakness, showing you the anatomy relationships, and help you to better understand how to work your own body. Ideally your brain tells the muscles to work as teams to accomplish their goal – to move the bones, to stabilize the joints, and to lift the spine optimally up into gravity. However, some of the habits of movement we have don’t allow the muscles to do their job properly. In that case going to the gym or personal trainer isn’t going to teach your body how to use all the muscles in the way that creates movement in which, for instance, your hips, shoulders, and knees are always stabilized.

Her goal is to empower her patients to help themselves, to understand when they are getting in trouble and what to do to bring their function back to ideal. When some muscles get short, opposing muscles get longer. You can learn how to change the way you use your body so that 1.) you work your muscles long and therefore don’t need to constantly stretch them out, 2.) feel how to move with integrated opposing muscle function that stabilizes your joints, 3.) be able to do activities requiring vigorous muscle function without “post-exercise” pain, and 4.) to improve your practice of Tai Chi, Qi Gong.


Judith L. Lewis, D.O.

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Undergraduate Reed College

Portland, OR
BA in Chemistry

Graduate University of Oregon

Eugene, OR
Graduate Studies in Theoretical Chemistry


College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific
Pomona, CA
This includes one year of an Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship in Osteopathic Principles and Practice

Licensure Washington 1398 025207
Internship Riverside Osteopathic Hospital
Trenton, Michigan


Examinations National Boards passed 1987, #166931

Cranial Academy Competency Examination, 1991
Board Certified, American Osteopathic Board of Neuromusculoskeletal
Medicine and OMM, 1999 and 2010, Certificate # 317



Dean's List two semesters
Who's Who in American Medical Schools
Dean's Award for Service and Scholarship
Awarded Fellow of The Cranial Academy (FCA), an honorary fellowship
Exceptional Service Award, The Cranial Academy


American Osteopathic Association, AOA
American Academy of Osteopathy, AAO
The Cranial Academy, CA
Washington Osteopathic Medical Association, WOMA


Chairperson, Publications Committee, American Academy of Osteopathy, 1990---1992

Chairperson, Osteopathic Medical Economics Committee, American Academy of Osteopathy, 1992 -1996
Member, AOA Work Group on OMT Coding committee, 1993
Member, Task Force on Strategic Planning, AAO, 1991-1993
Member, Practice Guidelines Committee, AAO, 1994
Member, Education Committee, The Cranial Academy
Board member, The Cranial Academy
President, The Cranial Academy, 1997-1999
Basic Course Director, The Cranial Academy, 1993-1995 and 2001-2005
Intermediate Course Director, The Cranial Academy, 1998 and 1999
Co-Director, The Cranial Academy Annual Conference, 2000
Course Director, TMJ Course for The Cranial Academy, 2001
Washington Osteopathic Medical Association Representative, Carrier Advisory Committee to Medicare, 1997-1999
Board Member, Washington Osteopathic Medical Association, 1998-present
President-elect, Washington Osteopathic Medical Association, 2002
President, Washington Osteopathic Medical Association, 2003


Lectured The Cranial Academy Conference 2000 on Posture
Lecture/Lab 6 CME hours "Muscle Function From an Osteopathic Point of View"
OPSO July 6, 2008
Lecture/Lab 6 CME hours "Muscle Function From an Osteopathic Point of View"
PSAO November 8, 2008
Lecture/Lab 6 hours "Muscle Function From an Osteopathic Point of View"
PSAO January 17, 2009
Lecture/Lab 6 CME hours "Achieving Optimal Health in Stance and in Function"
Touro, CA February 27, 2009
Lecture/Lab 6 CME hours "Achieving Optimal Health in Stance and in Function"
San Francisco Study Group February 27, 2009
Lecture/Lab 4 hours "Achieving Optimal Health in Stance and in Function"
Osteopathic Cranial Academy Education Committee June, 2010
Lecture/Lab 21 hours "Achieving Optimal Health in Stance and in Function"
Osteopathic Cranial Academy Faculty Development Course December 2010
Lecture/Lab 16 hours "Achieving Optimal Health in Stance and in Function, specific aspects"
OCA Faculty Development Course September 13-15, Tulsa 2011
Lecture/Lab 21 hours "An Osteopathic Paradigm of Muscle Function"
Osteopathic Cranial Academy September 15 – 18, 2011Tulsa, Oklahoma
Lecture/Lab 24 hours "An Osteopathic Paradigm of Muscle Function"
Colorado Society August 17 – 19, 2012 Denver, Colorado
Lecture/Lab 24 hours "An Osteopathic Paradigm of Muscle Function"
San Diego Osteopathic Medical Society November 2-4, 2012



For more information or to request an appointment for osteopathic medical treatment, contact me in Seattle, Washington at (206) 258-4580.